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We were featured in the documentary of board games of the 24 hours channel of Televisión Española!

Mom, we're on TV!

You can tell we are very excited, aren't we? The program Repor, from the 24 hours channel of RTVE has included us in their documentary Juegos de Sociedad, where they review all the news about modern board games, their evolution and their influence from the youngest to the oldest.

You can see the link to the complete documentary in the following link

If you like board games, you can't miss it! it's an honor for us to participate in the documentary together with referents in the sector such as Tranjis Games, the publisher of the well-known Virus!, AGR-Games, the biggest board game printing company in Spain, Snafu club, Oriol Comas, a national referent in the world of board games, Litterator school and Joaquim Dorca, director of Devir Iberia.

We are waiting for you in Replay and on RTVE's 24 hours channel!


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